Commercial Snow removal

OUTLAND Commercial snow removal contractors work around the clock providing reliable plowing, shoveling and salting with the area’s largest fleet of specialized snow removal equipment in South-Eastern Wisconsin. We respond quickly and work proactively by monitoring the weather to make sure your parking lots and walkways are safe and accessible all winter.

Choosing Commercial Snow removal Services

Your choice in commercial snow removal can be the difference between getting the reliable experience and effective results that you’re after—or ending up with a whole lot of extra burden on your plate. Since you know that the hassles and headaches with snow and ice can be overwhelming, you need to find a company that understands there is no room for error.

Storm REsponse

Many companies take out snow insurance to help mitigate the impact a major storm can make on their business. Another step to help ensure you’re covered is to prepare for winter storms in advance by partnering with OUTLAND Commercial.

Risk management is probably the biggest reason to have a reliable snow and ice management contractor in place. As a facility or property manager, it’s important that you look to the future now, instead of waiting until you have an immediate need to remove snow and deice frozen surfaces.

Risk Reduction with ice melts

Dealing with icy parking lots and walkways is never ideal, especially without prior preparation.

At OUTLAND Commercial, we specialize in identifying the most effective pre-treatment methods for various surface types, including:

  • Salt
  • Brine
  • Gravel
  • Sand

Count on your local OUTLAND Commercial snow and ice management partner to apply the right treatment(s) to prevent ice buildup on your property, whether it’s asphalt, concrete, or stone.

Our experts carefully select the method(s) based on temperature and precipitation forecasts, ensuring the safest and most efficient granular or liquid surface treatments for your needs.

Trust OUTLAND Commercial as your comprehensive snow and ice management solution. Contact Us Today to integrate these services into your regular landscaping contract.

Snow & Ice Management Planning

A snow and ice storm response plan tailored to your property means peace of mind when the big storm arrives, reduces risk and costs, and minimizes company downtime. As your partner, we monitor the storms 24/7 so you don't have to.

Snow & Ice Storm Response

OUTLAND Commercial's Certified Snow Professionals know their equipment, the response plan, and your location. As a top rated company in South-Eastern Wisconsin there's no other company that has access to the right fleet and equipment. No matter the size of the snow and ice storm headed your way, you will reduce downtime.

Dedicated, Trained, and Certified Professionals

Even in adverse conditions, our dependable, conscientious crews are on call and ready to respond. Backed by industry-leading safety programs, we deliver rapid results that negate your risk and protect your property.

Fleet and Equipment for Cost-Effective Jobs of Any Size

Proper tools ensure faster, safer, more cost-effective results. We right-size equipment to your job from an extensive fleet of snow-ready trucks and modern equipment to avoid damage to curbs and hardscapes and other costly inefficiencies.
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Frequently Asked Questions

The pace in which we operate makes us a little different. This started in 2020 with an urgency to become competitive in the snow and lawn industry and has evolved into an intense focus on prompt response times and timely service execution for our Clients. We also invest into our team, equipment and operations to drive innovation and growth for ourselves and our community. 

We prioritize structure and  transparency within our day-to-day operations. Some tools we use to ensure work is completed on-time and accounted for is GPS tracking on fleet vehicles and equipment and phone apps that allow us to check-in and collect pictures of rendered work. Upon request, we are typically able to provide service history, work logs and before and after photos.

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured. If needed, our management team is able to provide certificates of Insurance and/or licensing information upon request.

We believe quality starts with character and finishes with skill; this is why we start by hiring honest and professional employees. We then train and incentivise them to take ownership of their work and grow within our company. 

PRO Land | Snow Clients have dedicated account managers. This ensures consistent communication and allows us to adapt to the specific needs of each customer. Our goal is to change Points-of-Contact (POCs) fewer than 2x per year. Typically, these are seasonal changes between the lawn care and snow removal seasons. 

Property maintenance programs establish curb appeal, enhances the aesthetic feel, and ensures the safety of your property. This protects your employees, customers, real-estate investments and your business. 

If we don’t answer your call, our goal is to respond within 24 hours. Occasionally, this may be delayed during weekends or holidays.

We schedule weekly lawn care visits to ensure proper maintenance and upkeep of your property. We also schedule monthly or quarterly meetings to check-in on how our lawn care and snow removal programs are working. Quite often, we adjust service schedules as needed to meet the needs of our Client.

Not only do we specialize in long-term contracts, but we value them. Our typical contract term is 1-3 years, but prefer 3+ years as this enables us to establish strong relationships with our Clients.